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Cross sensory and platform design based on biologic models.

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Our Work

MediaPond is an augmented reality projector and social display developed with Sony Computer Science Lab (CSL in Tokyo). The projector is easy to set on a table and uses spherical projection, optical reflection, and infrared to detect gesture interactions. The experience includes place based media sharing with users that interact with MediaPond. Users are able to share messages and media with other users through the 'pond'. The circular display is supported by its UI which includes native polar coordinate interactions. Users have the experience of interacting in a fun 'Lazy Susan' circular augmented world. This work was carried out as fundamental research with the Human Computer Interface Group.

Family Entertainment Research work done in collaboration with Rick Robinson, founder of Elab and thought leader in applying ethnographic methods to user-centered research. 'This means something' is a phrase we built our frameworks on by looking at how consumers interact with each other and technology in the home. Through the collection of self-recorded video diaries, in-home interviews, maps, and the subsequent use of observation and analytical framing methods we built personas and new design opportunites. The framework looked at the home from four areas: users, space, media, and technology. Overlayed on these four dimmensions were the family roles. Our work sessions and ideation led to new product category sustaining platforms focused on family recreation and growth.

Fidgt was an early entrant in the mobile social web that pioneered the aggregated social media feed. A user could imort contacts and find macthing social media profiles across various social networks that could be merged. Awarded US Patent System, method, and article of manufacture for a user interface for a network media channel. This aggregation provided a home screen for your mobile device that kept you connected to your intimate contacts with support for chat, photo, media, and location sharing. Fidgt also provided one of the first online visualizations of your social network through its web view. Users could create tag magnets and see which members of their network would be attracted to each tag. Source: Socaltech, TechCrunch,

Step - Eye-tracking & Aesthetics was a collaboration with the Shimojo Psychophysics Laboratory at Caltech. 3D Prototype models of interactive objects were tested with human particpants. These physical/tangible 3D input and output devices included touch displays and speakers. In these experiments we observed gaze cadence as a measure of favorability factors relating to physical aethetics and overall ease of use.

Home of the Future In collaboration with Sony & Applied Minds we developed a concept home of the near-future. Hardware and software prototypes were developed as part of a smart home system. The living room and kitchen were built in full-scale to experience and test the prototypes. We developed the business relationship, managed the project, and developed the UI and software prototypes. The project was sponsored by the CEO to develop R&D for business groups as strategic prompts.

VisualFlow 3D media browser for Sony VAIO computers. Designed to work with Sony Memory Stick. 2000 G-Mark Good Design Award, Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization. Pre-cursor to Apple Cover Flow. Computer Human Interface paper presented in 2001. Inspired by PAD++ Ken Perlin & Ben Bederson. Source: wiki/VisualFlow