Protohaus Consulting Group

Scope of work

Protohaus spans the spectrum of technological development. We have done work on embedded systems for robots as well as full stack enterprise web development. From consumer to back-end warehouse enterprise applications.

Electrofie is a digital torch and applicator that uses smart sensing to thermostatically control the temperature of joint sealant.

Sony Screenblast was Sony’s first foray into a digital entertainment online destination that included movies, music, games, and social features.

Polyglot approach to building

Having a long-term view of technology helps to make a more informed decision on which stack to build on.

We’ve worked with many programming languages and frameworks. Languages we are familiar with include but are not limited to Java, C, C++, Python, Haskell, and Erlang. We are also well versed in all modern web-frameworks and DBs from Django to Rust. We have done hardware work on ATmega, Arduino, Android, Snapdragon, ARM, Playstation, and Intel.

Modular iteration

As we move from ideation to prototype both looks like and works like we will employ the right stack for the task at hand. Our approach is always to build modular components that can be stacked together in multiple configurations for different outcomes and experiments.

We often start with paper prototypes or role-playing simulations to quickly frame ideas and look for design factors that lead to design opportunities. We use a methodology called Structured Planning that allows us to build up bottom up function structures which maximizes functional support and minimizes solution conflicts.

Customer discovery

We are also adherents to the importance of customer needs as primary inputs to technological solutions.

We are experienced at collecting explicit and implicit requirements from customers and formulating scoping and supporting the technological approach with rigorous project management. We use a lean scrum approach that allows us to maximize our build and testing time.

Managing complexity

We are experienced in managing complex technological efforts that require large teams to deliver on critical paths. As well as planning and organizing secure data maintenance and AI data harvesting.

We’ve worked across industries and data landscapes. We understand what it takes to build a data architecture that will secure your IP. We also bring our expertise in Machine Learning for customer insights through the use of custom AI models for customer discovery and targeted marketing.